The BRIDGES project additional activities good practice report has been uploaded to the BRIDGES project Library section in the Interreg Europe location, accessible at

The objective of this document is to introduce to the project partnership concepts and some of the most prominent characteristics of value chain reshoring, inshoring, and nearshoring concepts as part of the good practices (GP) of the BRIDGES project 5th call approved application. The aim is to prepare regions for mainstreaming value chain measures into regional strategies, namely their respective RIS3. 

 Five (5) themes of good practices have been studied: (a) Theme 1 Tools for targeting value chain reshoring & nearshoring segments; (b) Theme 2 instruments for identifying interregional complementarities related to value chain re- and near- shoring priorities; (c) Theme 3 Targeted, VC related science-based entrepreneurship programmes and TRL , 5-8 promotion; (d) Theme 4 Integration of Green Deal & Digital Transformation into VC; (e) Theme 5 Benefitting from EDIHs. 

Part 1 Background issues is finalised and besides the present document, it is available online also as a separate document . The aim of Part 1 is to prepare regions for mainstreaming value chain measures into regional strategies and namely their respective RIS3.

Part 2 Identified good practices, lists, discusses and relates the identified good practices to the prioritised good practice themes. The aim is, by an in-depth discussion to create knowledge and facilitate good practice selection and adoption by the BRIDGES project partners, to support formulating the RIS3 improvement approach.

Part 3 Conclusions includes also the GPs that partners have selected for their policy instrument improvement recommendations, i.e. their RIS3 improvement. It is anticipated that improvements will take place during 2023, after the end of the project (31.12.2022)