Nièvre numérique during CARPE DIGEM phase 2 has continued to advance on its main priority of supporting the development of the Nièvre’s short food supply chains through the use and application of Digital Tools. On February 27, 2023 ( we organized a multi-stakeholder workshop, opened by the President of the County Council, Fabien Bazin to advance the Action Plan and consult the county’s key stakeholders on the key focus areas of: Short Supply Chain Logistics; Communication and the Social Economy.

Following the event Nièvre numérique has focused on three key areas: 1. A pilot logistics project in the Nièvre involving the ‘Pays’ Nivernais Morvan (in planning stage July 2023; 2. The preparation of a consortium and partnership under a French National Call ‘Skills and Jobs of the Future’ on Short Food Supply Chains and in particular digital, logistics and data management skills (in planning stage July 2023) 3. A project developing a county ‘local and sustainable food’ distribution hub (in planning stage July 2023).

Secondly with two of its CARPE DIGEM European Project Partners (ERNACT and University of Lljubljana) we are preparing a project on Short Food Supply Chains under Interregional Innovation Investments Strand 2a (I3-2023-INV2a) which aims to ‘develop innovation and valorise available research results in a specific value chain.’ (For October 2023)