In the period June 28th-30th 2022, in the framework of the CD-ETA additional activities, approved for implementation under the IE 5th restricted call for project proposals will be held Thematic Seminar № 2. Thematic Seminar № 2 will be a three-day online event.

During the first day, the Thematic Seminar itself took place, where all project partners and stakeholders will share their experiences and will give concrete examples of how cultural organizations in their regions have coped with the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis in order to continue the regional development process. The first day event will be organized by Partner 7 - Foundation Saint Mary the Royal of Historic Heritage (FSMLRPH), Spain.

You can access the event by using your computer or smart device by following the link:

On the second day, a virtual study visit will take place in Estonia, where partner 8 Estonian War Museum General Laidoner will share how COVID-19 has affected the number of their visitors, marketing activities during COVID-19 pandemic, the digitization processes in the museum during COVID-19, Military heritage guide: developing museum outside the museum.

The virtual study visit will take place in Zoom:

On the third day will take place the Steering Group Meeting where project partners will discuss the additional activities implementation.

If you are interested in the digitalization of natural and cultural heritage and want to know how the European institutions are coping with the challenges of the pandemic, you are welcome to take part in our interregional event.

Both events are fully online, so you can take part in from the place you are at the moment. The working language is English.

We are looking forward to see you online!