On September 14th, RDA Gorenjske - BSC Kranj organized the second stakeholders' meeting in the framework of the CD-ETA add-on approved by the Interreg Europe 5th restricted call for project proposals. The meeting was attended by representatives of regional museums, libraries, the Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Institute for Culture and Tourism Carnica. In the first part of the meeting, RDA Gorenjske - BSC Kranj recalled all the thematic seminars held within the CD-ETA project in 2017 and 2018, as well as good practices in the field of digitization of natural and cultural heritage, especially those related to digital solutions during the pandemic, presented in an online Thematic seminar in June 2022. Slovenian partners also reviewed the planned projects defined in the regional action plan and their progress.

In the second part of the meeting, the stakeholders presented current challenges in the field of digitalization of heritage and talked about possible solutions. The meeting was concluded with the agreement that cooperation and the exchange of knowledge is very important for the further progress of digitization of heritage and agreed that, despite the end of the CD-ETA project, the regular annual stakeholders' meetings will continue, which will be coordinated by RDA Gorenjske - BSC Kranj.