Association of the Municipalities of Ribera Alta, MANRA, Spain organized several meetings with stakeholders in the CD-ETA add-on second semester. They were related both to the regular CD-ETA add-on activities and pilot action implementation.

Presentation of Pilot Action to municipalities

The pilot action for the creation “Interactive 3D map of Towers in la Ribera” developed by MANRA with coordination of Euroregion Pleven-Olt were exposed after its development to the municipalities of the Ribera Region. Some of them were owners of the Cultural Heritge "Arabic Towers", such as Benifaio (Mussa Tower, Plaza Tower), Llombai (Aledua Tower), Montroi Castle, Antella tower, Alfarp tower. Some mayors, representatives and heritage technicians took part in this stakeholders meeting, and they discover the potential applicatoin of this Interactive Map, including in one site multimedia, 3D and space information. For developing this pilot 2 technicians in MANRA were capacitated in different digital processes.

International transfer

MANRA transferred the know-how acquiered during the CD-ETA project to a delegation of the Assembly of Kumasi (Ghana) and Praia (Cape Verde). The creation of a Guide for a Creation of a Guide for the creation of the Heritage Digitalisation Department were a useful tool to expose and transfer some of the processes and solutions found in the way to stablish this public service. The methodology and technologies could be adapted to the african reality. The technicians and managers of this two municipalities were very interested in this experience and potential application for dissemination and tourism. Ghana and Cape Verde has a vaste immaterial heritage that could be included in different social media and online spaces with achievable solutions.

Tourism and economy

MANRA exposed to representatives of tourism and economical departments in the region the last learning transferred in the CD-ETA interregional meeting. COVID-19 restrictions changed the way museums and cultural managers are approaching to their publics. Some experiences and good practices presented by the partners show different digital applications and measures to offer an online experience to their publics. The cost and the maintenance of this infrastructure were one of the concerns of touristic agents.