Call for offers regarding external expertise for the CHRISTA Interreg Europe extended project

​by advisory partner ECTN

ECTN, as advisory partner of the CHRISTA extended project in the EU Interreg Europe programme of interregional cooperation, intends to commission external experts that will provide technical assistance to the CHRISTA project partnership on the following topics and respective events:

  • Webinar A: Good practices for limiting the spread of the coronavirus at cultural & heritage sites & events.
  •  Webinar B: Providing digital facilities for virtual visitors to cultural & heritage sites & events (e.g. museums, archaeological sites, art exhibitions, festivals, concerts).
  • Webinar C: Digitisation of cultural heritage assets (inc. intangible) with advanced technologies (Virtual/Augmented Reality, etc), as a means to provide enhanced information to potential visitors & to the new 'digital traveller'.
  • Thematic Workshop 1: 'Smart tourism/Smart destinations', cultural heritage & creativity aspects, towards regeneration of European tourism with sustainability & resilience (hosted by lead partner Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Pafos CY, April 2022).
  • Thematic Workshop 2: Digital heritage advances for sustainable cultural tourism development & promotion in the post-pandemic era (hosted by partner Sibiu County Tourism Association, Sibiu RO, June 2022).

Interested applicants should request the Call document in writing, by email to:

[email protected]

Deadline for offers: 8 February 2022, 17:00 CET