On 8th February 2018, Veneto Region organized a Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) meeting to introduce the proposed contents of the CHRISTA Action Plan, continuing the capacity building process that started in October 2017 with close stakeholder involvement.

At this RSG meeting several CHRISTA stakeholders participated, including Destination Managing Organizations (DMOs) in Veneto Region, the Municipality of Venice (the Councillor responsible for tourism) , the staff of the Tourism Department with the expert for the Action Plan.

The Councillor responsible for tourism of Municipality of Venice Mrs. Paola Mar, spoke about synergies between actions of the CHRISTA project and what Venice Municipality is doing. The Councillor demonstrated her enthusiasm about  the envisaged process of capacity building  to create integrated products focused on the islands of the Laguna and not in Venice downtown and  she told that Municipality will support Veneto Region in the implementation of the Action Plan. 

Also the DMOs participating, “Po e suo Delta”, “Chioggia”, “Jesolo Eraclea”, “Riviera del Brenta”, reassured that they will cooperate in the implementation of the Action Plan as stakeholders. DMOs  are autonomous bodies in charge of programming the territory, ruled by regional law 11/2013 and are entitled to organize their destination. They also responsible for submitting duly documentation and a strategic plan of development validated by the regional structure, so that they may receive regional grants. 

Veneto Region Tourism Department considers that this is an important step in the process of the Action Plan within CHRISTA Project implementation.