How has the pandemic affected interregional mobility patterns?

There are many studies on the impact of the pandemic on urban mobility, but little is known about intercity travel. If you are resident in the Aveiro and Porto districts, please help the Portuguese CISMOB partners to answer this question.

This questionnaire is intended for people who travel on the route (or parts of the route) between Aveiro and Porto and is completely anonymous.

The data collected will support a CISMOB study on the impact of COVID 19 on inter regional mobility in the north-west corridor between the cities Águeda, Aveiro and Porto, to be carried out at the University of Aveiro.  The study aims to develop a decision support system focused on the optimisation of demand distribution in an interurban corridor.

If you have any questions you can send an email to [email protected]
We are very grateful for your collaboration.

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