It has been a great journey of learning and interregional collaboration within the CISMOB Project! This last exchange of experience event took place in Badajoz, Spain, and involved the presence of more than 60 attendees. CISMOB Project partners and stakeholders included municipal representatives, transport authorities, and academics. It was two days of intense activity, involving a thematic conference on “Energy transition in Extremadura applied to Transport and Housing”, a capacity-building workshop on “ITS solutions implemented or identified in public transport”, and technical visits. It is worth highlighting the conference invited speakers who delivered presentations and shared their experiences, ideas, visions, and approaches to solving mobility challenges, taking advantage of new technologies and green mobility as a way to improve mobility decarbonisation strategies in the regions. Strategies from the investment in sustainable mobility systems based on electric buses, zero-emission carsharing and bicycle sharing, integration of mobility services into a single app to allow more centralised information for citizens to satisfy their mobility needs, modernisation and greening of the train stations to attract people to use public transport, to the need for incentives for behavioural change were presented and discussed in the meeting. Various examples were shared and CISMOB Partners had the opportunity to understand which initiatives are already underway that can be transferrable to other similar regions.

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