The DigiBEST project started the New year in Latvia with a creative event – the Discussion Forum inviting the project stakeholders in Latvia to participate.

The first Discussion Forum took place on 7 January at the European Union House, discussing how to make small and medium enterprises (SMEs) more competitive by supporting entrepreneurship through digital transformation - barriers, potential solutions and international cooperation. 

During the forum, the project team members were introduced to a study visit to Portugal (Penafiel region) on digitalization solutions and the opportunities this country offers to support their SMEs.



The project topicalities and plan for 2020 were also discussed, and implementation of specific project tasks got started such as analysis of factors influencing digital transformation of Latvian SMEs (SWOT) and development of Business Digital Transformation Assessment (survey) concept.


Discussion forum was attended by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia, University of Latvia, Ministry of Economics, IT cluster, LDDK, Vidzeme Planning Region, Jelgava Municipality, Jelgava City Council, Jelgava City Municipality Adult Education Institution “Zemgale Region Competence Development Center”.