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Brief translation:

Latvia is participating in the cross-border project "Digibest" to increase the digital skills of entrepreneurs

Six European countries - Latvia, Austria, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain - have participated in the cross-border project "Digibest" or "Digital Transformation of the Business Ecosystem". The aim of the project is to identify the skills of small and medium-sized enterprises to work in the digital environment and to provide recommendations on how to better use new technologies in the work of enterprises. 

Gatis Ozols, Director of Public Services at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (Ministry), says that many Latvian small and medium-sized enterprises do not yet use digital opportunities. This is also confirmed by the low rating of our country in the European Union (EU) Digital Development Index. Last year, Latvia ranked only 24th in digital technology integration in business. 

Laima Engere-Levina, the head of Vidzeme Business Center of Vidzeme Planning Region, says that the implementation of digital solutions is very topical right now, during the crisis, therefore Vidzeme Planning Region has started a cycle of digital workshops in May. 

Aiga Irmeja, Executive Director of the Latvian IT Cluster, estimates that Latvian companies, especially small and micro companies, use digital solutions very differently. But they will play a crucial role in attracting new customers. 

Gatis Ozols, Director of Public Services at the Ministry, says that the popularity of electronic signatures has increased during the crisis and calls on entrepreneurs to make more active use of other digital tools already available. 

During the implementation of the Digibest project, a survey of small and medium-sized enterprises will be conducted first, followed by expert discussions and recommendations on how to implement digital solutions in companies. The project will end in 2023. It is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Norwegian National Fund under the Interreg Europe program. Latvia will receive co-financing in the amount of 410,000 euros.