Trøndelag County Council discusses digital transformation in the regional perspective

On Tuesday, January 21st, a stakeholder meeting was held at Digs in Trondheim in the Interreg project DigiBEST, where Trøndelag county council is a partner.

Representatives from all the commercial gardens / incubators in Trøndelag gathered to discuss approaches to digital transformation in the region. DigiBEST aims to contribute to digital transformation through partnerships, in collaboration with its stakeholders, developing action plans for implementation.


Adequate digital expertise in the companies is crucial for digital transformation. A representative from Digital Norway was invited to talk about their approach to digital competence building. Digital Norway / Toppindustrisenteret represents the largest companies in Norway, and can become an important professional partner in Industry 4.0 Trøndelag.

The experiences from the previous site visit in Penafiel in Portugal were summarized by Ola Lauve from Skogmo Industrial Park, who participated in the tour. Lauve especially highlighted the unique collaboration between the university and the clusters in Penafiel. This formed the basis for good discussions on topics such as clusters, ecosystems and, not least, proximity to the universities.


Fotos by Eistein Guldseth

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