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Nature and Culture Immersive Experience


Gran Paradiso VR - Nature and Culture Immersive Experience - Unique and...

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Climbing in Gran Paradiso in virtual reality


Climbing in Gran Paradiso in virtual reality: digital solutions of the...

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#EURegionsWeek 2022 - Digital realities in tourism


Registration is now open to attend the Digitourism online workshop "Digital...

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SV to Canary Islands (Spain) Dec. 13-16, 2021


Partners from France, Hungary and Italy took part in the SV in Tenerife, Canary...

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Study Visit in Gran Paradiso - NOV 2021


13 partners from France, Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain, and Norway took part in...

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SV to Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship -Poland


Digitourism partners, visited Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (KPV) from Oct. 4...

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Online Study Visit to Gran Paradiso


On May 4-5, Study visit to Gran Paradiso in Aosta Valley, Italy, took place.

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Online Study Visit to Kujawsko–Pomorskie Region


The online Study Visit to the Kuwjawsko – Pomorskie region took place on April...

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Online study visit to the Canary Islands


Partners and stakeholders will have the opportunity to learn how digital...

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The first Digitourism video reportage is now online!


Watch the first video reportage of the Interreg Europe Digitourism project on...

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AR-technology teaches children “the olden days”


The open air museum Anno in Hamar (Norway), has implemented AR in their quest of...

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P8 annual stakeholder group meeting


On 9th September Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship organized the annual meeting...

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