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5th partner meeting


The fifth partner meeting was held on January 26, 2022. online

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7th peer review in Austria


2008 Vorarlberg decided to cover 100% of its energy needs from renewables by...

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6th peer review


6th peer review was held in Koprivnica via an online platform during the...

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E-MOB on Optitrans project


On the 4 th of November 2021, PP5-University of Western Macedonia presented...

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4th partner meeting online


Another partner meeting was held on the E-MOB project. The partner meeting was...

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The fifth regional stakeholder meeting


The fifth regional stakeholder meeting took place on April 14, 2021, in the...

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5th peer review in Alba, Romania


5th peer review was held online on 21. April 2021. in Alba, Romania.

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4th peer review in Kozani, Greece


The fourth Peer review was held online due to the coronavirus epidemic. This...

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3rd partner meeting on MS Teams


The E-MOB project concluded 3rd semester

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Boom of EVs in Germany


The number of newly registered electric cars in Germany tripled last year....

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Single-day workshop in Paks


The Paks Transportation Ltd. organized a single-day workshop in the frame of a...

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3rd peer review in Paks, Hungary


The last peer review for the 3rd semester was held online and hosted by our...

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