Vilnius city municipality is one of stakeholders in Sunrise valley Science & technology park. So, our goal was to identify a set of Good Practices in Vilnius organised and supported by citizens, SMEs, companies, local organisations during the beginning in 2020. These are the set of Good Practices that being shared with the other partners of the project and potential stakeholders.

At the beginning of the year 2020 Vilnius city municipality has launched the dedicated web page ( for citizens to guide their living under quarantine rules for kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors. There were many readings, arts and games for everyone to take part and secure their mental health under strict socials conditions.

Vilnius set to become one giant outdoor café as the municipality had shared most of public spaces.

Vilnius has experienced a gastronomic boom before COVID-19 pandemic while also trending as an intriguing travel destination for foodies hungry for something new. Culinary experiences like food halls and markets, street food stalls and food trucks, craft beer bars and high-end restaurants have become part of the Vilnius city identity for locals and visitors alike. Therefore, helping this industry in difficult times is among the city’s priorities amid relaxed lockdown rules.

Starting 24th April 2020, all plazas, squares, and streets – nearby cafés was able to set up outdoor tables free of charge that season and thus conduct their activities during quarantine.

Vilnius’ public spaces – which until that day have rarely been used for outdoor eating was open for this activity to support the city’s restaurants going through difficult times.

Finally, more than 162 cafés, bars and restaurants have applied to inhabit the city’s public spaces with outdoor seating.

Aerocinema: A Drive-In Movie Theatre Lands at Vilnius Airport

Starting 29th April 2020, for the first time in history of Vilnius, the drive-in cinema had been set up in an airport apron area, where planes are usually parked, unloaded, refuelled, and boarded. This ‘Aerocinema - The Journey Begins’ project was the part of the Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius IFF) and had run until the end of May.

Up to 220 cars will be able to fit into the screening area at once to watch a movie. The project’s organisers have also made sure that everyone will be able to see every detail of each film, thanks to the largest screen in the Baltic States, which is roughly the size of a five-storey building. This project was a sign of support to both the aviation and movie industries, which are going through difficult times because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Creativity Cannot Be Masked: Vilnius Presented Mask Fashion Week

Starting 5th May 2020, the streets of Vilnius were dotted with giant photos of people wearing protective masks made in creative way. The images were a part of a new project called “Mask Fashion Week”, which drew its inspiration from members of a Facebook group known as “Mask Your Fashion”.

Unlike a traditional fashion week, this project was open to everyone: the city streets had become a runway. While still adhering to safety recommendations, audiences were invited to travel the Mask Fashion Week route through the city by foot or in their cars and reflect on the role and look of the new accessory that had unexpectedly became part of our day-to-day lives. The city’s outdoor advertising stands were featuring photos of masked project participants with a slogan that reads, ‘Creativity Cannot be Masked’. More information can be found here:

Vilnius Restaurants Turn into Fashion Displays: Local Designers Will Exhibit Their Collections in Empty Space Left for Social Distancing

Starting May 21st 2020, most restaurants of Vilnius were using distancing rules to become fashion displays for local designers. As of this week, the country has eased the restrictions on bars, cafes and restaurants to allow them to operate indoors, yet strict social distancing remains in place. The indoor restaurant tables that otherwise must be kept empty will therefore be used for mannequins to demonstrate this season's fashion.

The few dozen restaurants and cafés located in Vilnius Old Town Glass Quarter were participating in the initiative - over 60 originally dressed mannequins had been placed at the unused indoor tables, filling the space between dining guests. The mannequins were showcase unique fashion pieces from 19 boutiques, featuring local fashion designers and brands. At each table, visitors were able to find the information about the exhibited items and where each piece could be purchased. This way, restaurants expect to be able to maintain the required indoor social distancing while helping designers gain attention for this season's newest fashion trends.