To do this, it has an intensive one-day workshop (Entrepreneurship Bootcamp) and a subsequent program (OUTLAB) aimed at transforming a potential research project into a potential business project. In order to access the OUTLAB Program, you must present a scientific project in TRLs 3-4 that you want to transfer to the market through an entrepreneurial initiative.

In the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, this awareness of the scientific community will be sought to promote their entrepreneurial capacities. For this, the program consists of an entrepreneurial coaching part that tries to break with the cliché of the laboratory scientist. Subsequently, a part of the program is dedicated to two experiences of scientific people who have jumped from the laboratory to the company. Finally, in the third block, we work with a hypothetical case of a business idea (own or not) and the key points to take into account so that this idea becomes a successful business project. The Out-Lab is the program so that, in 10 weeks, that research project that has been taking shape in the laboratory can be validated in the market.

Along the way, skills and competencies will also be worked on to launch a creative project with agile methodologies (Lean Launchpad). A wide range of activities and sessions are included that will enhance contact with the industry and business experts, as well as the exchange of views among the participants.

In addition, through individual mentoring, they will help to analyze the idea from another point of view and advise and train to minimize the risk of the project to increase both its potential and its viability in the market. This program will be carried out mainly in person, although there will be some sessions virtually.

The program is divided in 4 phases: Search for opportunities, financing, go-to market and pitching.

Search for opportunities: Issues of design thinking, IP and the importance of the alignment of a project between the TRLs and the BRLs will be discussed.

Financing: Sessions will be focused on the search for public and private financial tools at a national and international level for the creation of companies. Likewise, one of the events taught will be focused on the aid that FomentoSS offers for projects that are in the phase of constitution and for their subsequent growth. In addition, another workshop on crowdfunding will be given as another existing alternative for obtaining financing for start-ups.

Go-to-market: the first workshop deals with the testimony of a spin-off from a technology center in the city, expert in nanotechnology, who set up his company in 2010 and the journey they have had until consolidating itself as the organization that it is today with a staff of 35 people and international sales. Likewise, the following workshops in this block will focus on the different IP marketing alternatives as well as learning about the importance of the marketing strategy within a startup and the critical points to take into account.

Pitching: Participants will be given a session in which the communication keys are discussed in order to prepare an adequate elevator pitch for their project and thus be able to present it to public entities, investors or VC.

In addition to these pills taught by top-level speakers with extensive experience, they are offered assessment with a tutor throughout the program to be able to work on their laboratory idea, apply the knowledge acquired and apply it to their project. In this way, scientists enter the program with an idea and end it with a CANVAS and an elevator pitch of their business.

There will be 2 OUTLABs and 3 Bootcamps per year. Currently, the first OUTLABS (04/04/2022-06/20/2022) and 1 Bootcamp have already been carried out.

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