The Technology Vouchers program aims to promote innovative local projects supported by Fomento San Sebastian, both for its start-up, growth and consolidation in the market, as well as for competitive improvement and the strengthening in the positioning of the companies that make up the industrial sector of the city.

To be eligible, projects must have an innovative component with advanced service needs, based on technology and knowledge, and be promoted by local companies and entrepreneurs.

The economic resources to support the projects through the technological vouchers are jointly provided by Fomento San Sebastian and the collaborating technological and research centre. Fomento San Sebastian grant 70% of the contribution and the Technological Centre the remaining 30%.

Based on the needs identified, in 2016 the Technology Vouchers program was categorized into two blocks with different amounts, with the following objectives:

  1. Promote and develop projects with a technological component, in collaboration with the TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION FOUNDATION and with the centers of the TECHNICAL ALLIANCE IK4, depending on the development of the project and the requested service.
  2. Promote and develop projects with a technologicalcomponent, in collaboration with the BIODONOSTIAInstitute Association, depending on the developmentof the project and the requested service.


In 2016 these Vouchers were made available to the companies of San Sebastian:

  • Tecnalia Voucher, 8 grants for a value of € 100,000 were awarded.
  • IK4 Voucher, 14 grants for a value of € 151,000 were awarded.
  • Biodonostia Voucher, 4 grants for a value of € 26,000 were awarded

The project has strengthened partnerships between local companies and research centres. It has also encouraged research centres to increase their understanding of, and orient their work towards, the needs of SMEs and to promote SME innovation. That has enabled SMEs to launch new products, processes or services, solve technical problems, and develop innovation strategies and partnerships. The success of those vouchers is such that Fomento San Sebastian is already working with other agents to develop that kind of vouchers with them (Basque Culinary Center, Nanogune, etc).

For Further information on the technological vouchers: