The Donostia Innovation League programme, coordinated by Fomento San Sebastián, is a key component of San Sebastián’s Connecting Talent strategy in the fields of education and innovation, in the framework of an open innovative-education process with all the education ecosystem of the city.

In fact, the programme intends to involve the local youth in city challenges, and bring their view into the decision-making processes for such challenges. It also builds human capital as it offers a framework to train local youth and help them to develop innovation skills that will be highly demanded in the future labour market, as well as to put them in touch with the labour market. Finally, the programme will help to raise social awareness on innovation and on city challenges.  

The 2017 challenge was to reclaim the Urumea River as one of the city core spaces. The makers were challenged to think the river as a reference site of the city, fostering the economic activity, attracting citizens and tourists, and making it a core for different activities and events. 

The main stakeholders of the programme are the education agents (Schools, High Schools, Vocational Training Centres and Universities) of the city. Part of the DIL activities are carried out in each stakeholder facilities, while some other joint activities are carried out in specific locations in the city. The final event is held in the Town Hall, and some activities are showcased in an open tent displayed in the city centre, for higher visibility. The use of other sites in the city intends to engage participants and to bring innovation to all the neighbourhoods of the city. By involving schools and universities in an open innovation undertaking, it is possible to reach out to families and other social agents. 

Image: 2017 Donostia Innovation League Final. The winner team –schools category- with the Mayor and the Mayor´s Lieutenant in the City Council


  • Intensive work from June to October 2017
  • 5 city based schools
  • 600 students & 100 teams
  • 30 dynamic sessions
  • Website and YouTube channel
  • Specific visual identity and documents
  • Specific evaluation system: Dynamics and Final
  • Specific working formula and Creation of a product
  • Canvas Business Model adapted.
  • A Guide to achieve “professional” PowerPoint levels.
  • 4 Experts mentoring in different fields such as innovative project development, financing and technical viability of
  • Business projects on social innovation…
  • Inspirational visit to Ikusi, a leading technology company of the city.

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