Regional network of professional training offer and enterprises needs is a practice carried out by CIM do Ave and is a strategic and innovative system that aims to link the professional offer of Schools in the Region with the SME’s needs to promote the innovation and the economic development.

This program is coordinated at a National level by the Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education and Training, and at regional level by the inter-municipal communities in SANQ’s regional development modules.

The Inter-municipal community coordinated by CIM do Ave was a pilot region to develop this project and is pleased with the results due to the levels of cooperation and networking partnership at a regional level. CIM do Ave has a strong connections across the region regarding training for SMEs and as this project involves a very high number of diversified stakeholders, including the Business Sectors of the Region - many synergies exist.

The main objectives of this program are:

  • To extend the range of courses and qualifications in vocational education; consolidating pedagogical diversification strategies within vocational education and the promotion of stronger bonds between different entities namely school and SME's; 
  • To promote the greater recognition of vocational education and qualifications in the labour market, establishing greater cooperation with the social partners and businesses.
  • To increase attractiveness of vocational education, improved operational conditions, quality and relevance of training provision that contribute to the gradual improvement of the social perception of this type of training.
  • To improve the coherence and connection between the professional training courses offer and the needs of SMEs in order to increase suitable job opportunities;
  • To promote the adequate skills to fill the requirement of employers.
  • To train human resources with the skills companies-demanded skills in the new labour market;
  • To update the qualifications to the economic and job market dynamics demands for a short and medium-term perspective
  • To Promote employability and territorial development

Different elements were organised by the regional Network - to identify the needs of industry: 

  • Focus groups with the entrepreneurs of the predominant sectors of activity in the region;
  • Focus groups with educational agents;
  • Interviews to businessmen and politicians in the region;
  • Preparation of a study that prioritises the most relevant qualifications for the Territory (according to the National Qualifications Catalog);
  • Distribution of a brochure with the professional education offer by all Schools in the region;
  • Organisation of an event promoting the professional training offering of the region;

This project is implemented based on structured dialogue between the different agents that resulted in a concerted educational offer directed to the business needs. These discussions have allowed for the Creation of an ecosystem and network focused around innovation between the professional educational offer and the demanded skills by the companies in the Ave region. 

CIM do Ave actively involves several stakeholders (Policy making actors; Schools, High Schools, Vocational Training Centers; Technological Centers; SME’s; Social sector entities) who are essential to achieve good results.