Supported by the urban agglomeration of Poitiers and by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Grand Poitiers Techno pole boosts public and private enterprises with high potential of development as well as new talents aiming to remove existing gap between research institutions and business project implementation.

It aims to address the lack of innovation and lack of networking between local enterprises and research and higher education centers.  

This practice aims at reach its objectives by bringing together all regional assets to develop innovation and research and development. Linking together all regional actors committed with innovation and development of all relevant fields (health, transport, environment and ICT tools).

Image of train station area Poitiers

Notably, it foresees five main objectives. Fitly, be an incentive for innovation (strt-ups creation and innovative enterprises and development of innovation of SMEs); secondly, accompany and train entrepreneurs; third, Innovate & Anticipate (Support Higher Education and Research centers); fourth, Promote and communicate (promotion in the territory of business associations, economic sectors within national sectors and competitiveness clusters); and finally, Support externalisation activities.

To achieve this goal, entrepreneurs, researches and local communities meet at the Greater Poitiers technology park to develop innovation and attractiveness of the territory.

The first location is the Regional Innovation Center of Biopole (CRIB). The second will be located in the heart of the Futuroscope business park in connection with the Business and Innovation Center (CEI).

Image of Futuroscope Poitiers 

In addition, existed sites dedicated to innovation, experimentation and support for companies are also relays of the action of the Grand Poitiers Technopole: cobalt, new factories, enterprises, laboratories, higher education institutions. 

In particular, it will be defined a strategic position, reinforced the accompany system and launched a marketing strategy.

This practice is addressed to commit territorial agents, local enterprises and Institutions of higher education and research institutions.

To this end the urban agglomeration of Poitiers and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine allocated a budget of 650.000 € for 2018, and since June 2017 were involved 26 members, 67 start-ups were created thanks to the incubator, 229 jobs were created and 13 Million € of turn over.

An initiative focused in support more innovative business models by linking research institutions and higher education centers to local and regional enterprises which can be transferred to other local communities by linking their higher education centers and research institutions to local business, by creating open spaces, by supporting new talents, by accompanying start-ups and business at high development potential, and by engaging territorial agents.