To follow up on the evolution of EURE recommendations for the Policy Instrument selected in Spain, Eixo Atlántico has established a task force to work on UFAs. This group will work directly with territorial actors (cities) and experts on recommendations for its definition, once it seems they will be recognized as possible beneficiaries within the Spanish programme related to Integrated Urban Sustainable Development (art.11 ERDF).

The definition of UFAs has been recognised as a challenge for the National Authorities in charge of urban development who are also working on this task. The National Authorities are already aware of EURE results and will receive all the new material produced within this task force. In this context, EURE results gain special relevance as they can bring some light on this difficult issue.

In the coming months, this task force will produce the first results of the debate among their members and the conclusions of the experts, who already worked on the EURE Action Plan. Therefore, the work initiated through EURE will continue after July 2023. The project has created a new working line at Eixo Atlántico, raising the interest of its members and opening a new window for potential financing resources to guarantee a sustainable development of the urban system represented by Eixo Atlántico.