Policy Instrument Addressed

The Public Private Innovation Fund for Assisted Living Technology’s (PPI Fund) objective is to support the establishment and implementation of assisted living technology projects, and thereby pave the way for increased utilization of technologies in Aarhus, with the added aim of supporting business development through PPI. The Fund is financed by Aarhus municipality and is managed by a secretariat and a steering committee which represent all 6 magistrates departments in the municipality.

Policy Change Desired

Aarhus municipality’s action plan focus on the PPI Fund’s structural change from an operational perspective to a business development perspective and to change the management of the policy instrument (improved governance) by amending the Fund’s guidelines, application- and impact measurement criteria.

The EU SHAFE project has contributed by allowing the time and space to develop the ideas for the change and to develop and execute the action plan. 

Territorial Impact

The action plan is impacting the allocation of 4 mil. annually in the field of assisted living technology plus an additional 10 mil. to be spent on improving the life of people with disabilities in the Municipality of Aarhus.

Specifically, during the Phase 2 of EU_SHAFE, 2 workshops have been conducted where more than 60 persons representing the municipality, SMVs, patient associations and the municipality’s citizens participated and directly influenced the spending of 10 mil. DKK allocated by the Fund to people living with disabilities. More than 100 ideas were collected during the first workshop in August and later qualified during the second workshop in October. Currently more than 15 ideas are being developed into project applications to be assessed by the Fund.