“I want to lead a Provincial Council that is prepared and able to respond to today's needs and face the challenges of the future, in which all people have the same opportunities and no one is left behind. A cohesive, supportive and advanced society that guarantees well-being”, explained the new General Deputy, Elixabete Etxanobe. 

That is why the focus of all her policies, she stressed, will be on people. Among other projects, Elixabete Etxanobe reiterates her commitment to the extension of the care model defined in the Long-term Care Transition Plan, with the commissioning of new etxeTIC centres in Zalla, Mungia, Markina-Xemein and Basauri to extend the stay of these people in their homes with improved support thanks to technological advances; respite programmes for carers of dependent people, the creation of two new care homes in Sestao and Abadiño with 120 places distributed in shared living units of up to 25 people and the reinforcement of coordination with the Basque health system to create 75 new community healthcare places in regional referral centres.