The EU_SHAFE project concluded its journey in Bizkaia with the organisation of an event that has retraced the valuable exchange of good practices between the six participating European regions.

After almost 5 years of project, Interreg Europe EU_SHAFE will come to an end on July 2023.

The final event of the project, hosted by the project’s leader the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, was held in Bilbao from the 20th to 22nd March 2023. The event has been the perfect place to look back and see the cooperation among the EU_SHAFE partners in order to help each other improve their approach to Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments.

The working sessions begun on 20th March at the Guggenheim Museum and run until 22nd March.

The EU_SHAFE partners, Bizkaia, Coimbra (Portugal), Heart of Slovenia (Slovenia), Aarhus Municipality (Denmark), Louth (Ireland) and Hamburg (Germany), accompanied by almost 20 key stakeholders coming from the different regions of belonging, had the opportunity of in situ good practices visits: the first etxeTIC centre launched by the Bizkaia provincial institution and the adapted apartments 'Etxegoki'.

Finally, as an unmissable closure of the event, there has been a networking session where attendees had the opportunity to get to know better the Action Plans of the EU_SHAFE partners and to exchange some knowledge or even discuss possible partnerships with them.

This event has been a great opportunity to show not only the progresses made within the project, but also to display the world of possibilities that is opened to continue implementing the partners' Actions Plans and making a difference in the European Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments field.