The General Direction of Women Issues and Gender Equality of the Government of Cantabria, which is one of the members of the partnership of the FEMINA Interreg Europe project, has participated in the conferences that are being held from 17 to 20 October in Comillas as a regional protagonist in the management of equity programs within the framework of the initiative between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean called ADELANTE2 Triangular Cooperation Window “Educational Innovation for inclusion, equity and sustainability”.

The initiative is an alliance formed by the Comillas Foundation as coordinating entity, the Directorate of Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of Uruguay and the Institute for the Future of Education of the TEC de Monterrey in Mexico. The triangular cooperation alliance responds to one of the main objectives between the European Union and Latin America, which is the strengthening of educational exchange and scientific research, being the ODS 4 of Quality Education, and the main reference goal together with ODS 10, the reduction of inequalities.

The objective of the ADELANTE 2022 Window” project is to contribute to promoting a change in the traditional methodology in training, promoting innovative learning methods, and moving towards the inclusive and sustainable development of the countries, which contribute to the achievement of the Agenda 2030. This first visit to Cantabria will combine workspaces - public debates and interactions at worktables - with field studies - visits to educational facilities - with the aim of sharing the most innovative learning experiences of the educational ecosystem of the region and enrich the educational management of Cantabria.

Because of this initiative, the alliance will prepare a decalogue as a road map for public or private institutions that seek to generate benefit to their territories, through innovation in the offer or in teaching strategies.

Specifically, María del Mar Ortiz Marqués, head of the Equality Service of the General Direction, has participated with Antonio Domínguez Ramos, General Director of Universities, in the first working session with regional actors in which a presentation of initiatives, programs and areas of work of the regional government in the field of scientific innovation, digital training and educational innovation. María del Mar Ortiz Marqués explained what the FEMINA Interreg Europe project, in which the DGIM is participating, consists of, as well as the work and the results that are being obtained, which will enable new paths of development in the field of inclusive educational innovation and with a gender perspective.