The issue of gender equality is a central factor if we are to succeed in the energy and climate transition that lies ahead. We need to think innovatively, in different and new ways. We need to train and recruit many competent people who can contribute to the transition.

For greater equality in business

Right now, a preliminary study is underway with the aim of increasing the rate of gender equality in Dalarna's business life. The Interreg Europe project has contributed to the preliminary study carried out. Through Dalarna's participation in FEMINA, gender issues have once again become topical, especially within the field of innovation. The feasibility study expects to be an important contribution to regional development and consists of three parts:

Expected result at the end of the project

  • Tools to handle the equality issue within the energy industry in Dalarna in a constructive and proactive way.
  • Increased activity in gender equality work through actors getting to know each other's work and networks can be created where experiences and good working methods can be shared.
  • Elaborated equality perspectives in the roadmaps for the various areas of knowledge that are part of Dalarna's agenda for smart specialization.
  • Proposal for regional coordination of the gender equality area in Dalarna.
  • Proposal for an implementation project where the toolbox for a more equal energy industry is tested, further developed and evaluated. Additional industries could also be involved in such a project.

Expected long-term effects

  • Women and men are valued equally and with the same standards in business life.
  • More women apply to, and graduate from, Dalarna University's (relevant to the energy industry) courses and that they are then available for the regional labor market.

 Malin Karlsson, Energy Competence Centre, leads the project in close collaboration with Falu Energy & Water, Borlänge Energy, Region Dalarna and the Genus Academy at Karlstad University. Funding comes from the Dalarna Region and the Swedish Growth Agency. The project period is 1 April 2022– 31 December 2022