"The main goal and pursuit of the Regional Authority is the visibility and promotion of businesses in our Region that produce quality, agri-food products."

With these words, the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia, Georgios Kasapidis, gave the directions for the signing of the contract of the program: "Actions to inform and promote PDO/PGI products in the USA and Canada", from the "Agri-Food Partnership Region of Western Macedonia" in a press conference held on May the 8th in 2023.

The program follows the approach of a basket of PDO and PGI products produced in the Region of Western Macedonia. The campaign will provide information to consumers about the European Union's PDO/PGI quality scheme, the advantages of Union agri-food products and the high standards applied to production methods in the Union, particularly in terms of food safety, quality and their taste.

The ultimate goal of the Partnership is to highlight and promote all agri-food products produced within the geographical boundaries of the Region of Western Macedonia, in order to gain the position they deserve in the local, national and international market, for the benefit of local producers, professionals, businesses and of the local economy as a whole. 

At the same time "we will target buyers, importers and distributors, aiming to enter into business agreements and export the products to the US and Canadian markets", concluded Mr. Kasapidis.