East-Flemish inhabitants are not chauvinistic at all, and we hope to change this - even a little bit - but just informing them about the beautiful and tasty products that are being made in the region, to show them that there really is something to be proud of.

In this communication campaign we focus on the traditions, the heritage, the regional uses, different recipes and also some tales and fun facts of typical East-Flemish products. For example: cuberdons. This is purple candy is typical for the city of Ghent. It has been invented by a pharmacist who wanted to find a recipe to extend the shelf life of medicinal syrup. And thus... the cuberdon was born - by accident!

Next to this we also have sent boxes filled with these local products to influencers who have made a nice recipe with these ingredients, and also shared them on their social media account.

 More information of the campaign here