The Green Pilgrimage project invested in the Via Francigena pilgrim route by installing inspirational artworks, information panels, consistent branded signage to inspire and attract more people to visit and enjoy the Via Francigena pilgrim route in Kent, UK.  We also installed people counters to record use over time.  

Encouraging people to the area, it's an attraction that appeals to walkers, outdoor enthusiasts, history lovers, nature lovers. It ticks a lot of boxes. It is long so that if people want to complete the full route they would stay in the area and spend money on other attraction, accommodation, eating out etc. I also think it is important to celebrate our historic and cultural heritage and this does that brilliantly.

Survey respondent regarding the positive impact of the investments.

The full report also demonstrates some of the wider regional impacts of the investments via further finances secured for similar investments.  The full report can be found here: