Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia (DCHS) organized the 1st Regional Multi-stakeholder Group meeting (RMG) on 28th March 2022 in Litija together with workshop on LAG project »Point for Elderly«.

Participants were from Municipality of Litija, Elderly home Tisje, Intergenerational Centre Javorje/Cultural association Javorje, Rafolče Local Red Cross Committee, Elderly Association Lukovica, Elderly Association Šmartno pri Litiji, Institute Oreli, Volunteers for elderly and registered nurse. Meetings with stakeholders Faculty of Social Sciences-Centre for Social Informatics, Ministry of Health - Sector for long-term care, Simbioza Genesis and Telekom Slovenije, were organized on-line.

DCHS presented the extension of HoCare project and its objective and additional activities. In the Heart of Slovenia, we focus on influencing the OP from implementation of European Cohesion Policy 2021-2027 and LAG Strategy to face the affect of Covid-19 crisis. To all stakeholders the draft regional analysis (in our case national analysis) was presented and three new good practices selected (Home Tab, Magda, E-Care) that are very suitable for answering the Covid-19 crisis. The discussion was also on other good practices, updates to regional analysis and the importance of quadruple helix cooperation.