Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia (DCHS) organized the 2nd Regional Multi-stakeholder Group meeting (RMG) on 24th August 2022 in Kamnik. We have joined again with the workshop on our LAG project “Point for Elderly”, since all local stakeholders are the same.

The project manager, Anita Molka presented comments on draft regional analysis and discussion was on the update. She also presented the Agenda of the conference/workshop in Bucharest (20.-21.9. 2022) and invited interested stakeholders. After discussion they all agreed that the most suitable stakeholder to attend the meeting in Bucharest is Ministry of Health.

In the 2nd part of the stakeholder meeting, Martina Ozimek presented the mission and activities of Association Oreli as one of the Good practices in Home Care, that was very suitable in Covid-19 crisis.