How to foster innovation in SME´s

The technology and innovation partners (TIP) of Lower Austria support companies in the implementation of innovation projects. Discussions with companies are mostly about current projects that can be supported with funded advice from management consultants or R&D institutions or about submissions for funding campaigns.

In order to get an impression of the future development of the company, however, it makes sense to also address project ideas that are in an early phase. 

This was implemented in the form of the RDI-portfolio.

Project approaches are presented in the form of a portfolio.


The dimensions chosen were the classification of the project based on the “Innovation Readiness Level” (an adaptation of the “Technology Radiness Level”), the time to market entry and the strategic relevance (represented by the bubble size).

With additional information about the company, such as future trends in the industry, core competencies and resistances, a picture emerges that reflects the medium-term strategic orientation of the company. 

In the course of 41 portfolios carried out as part of InnoBridge, the practical applicability of the approach was demonstrated.

Lower Austria, November 2020