Subject of presentation: “How to raise and mobilise the existing skills and how to build skills for the future” presented by Sylwia Bednarczyk–Mikuli, MBA, Vice-Director Malopolska Centre for Entrepreneurship, during InnoBridge Final Conference in 30th of September 2020.

Mobilizing the existing and building future skills to create bridges between science and business in Malopolska

Malopolska is a dynamically developing region with great economic, cultural and social potential, providing a chance for constant economic development. For entrepreneurs this means a friendly, competitive and attractive business environment. The region is inhabited by 3,405,000 people, out of which 1.2 million lives in the Kraków Metropolitan Area. Malopolska has: 380 000 enterprises, 160 000 students, 29 universities, 464 research units. Region has a great scientific potential, strong start-up community, outstanding cultural heritage (Krakow – top turists destination).

Małopolska has a high degree of research and development as well as great educational possibilities. There are 28 higher education facilities in the region, 21 of which are located in Kraków. The capital of the Małopolska Region is the second largest regional research and development centre in Poland. There are 59 centres supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Małopolska and 21 cluster initiatives, including: Life Science Cluster, MedCluster, Kraków Film Cluster, Małopolska MakeIT Cluster. As far as technology transfer centres, there are five located in the Małopolska Region which places it in first place in Poland. There are numerous science and industrial parks that are extremely active in the region, such as: Life Science Park, Kraków Technology Park, Małopolska Information Technology Park, Science and Technology Park in Tarnów, Industrial Park of Chrzanów and Trzebinia, and the Kryształowy Green Industrial Park in Tarnów.


The region and its inhabitants form a perfectly functioning connection that has been generating enormous potential for years. It is thanks to it that innovative entrepreneurship develops, thrilling artistic realizations are created, remarkable cultural events take place in the Małopolska Region and thriving social organizations take place.

Małopolska – technology becomes business. What should be done?

• Respond the community needs and offer „tailored-made” support.

• Help start-up community and young people to use their potential and creativity.

• Organise events in the region on a large scale, with international mentors and experts.

• Create friendly environment for business in the region, especially for young people setting up their own businesses.

• Be a real partner for the start-up community.

A model of collaboration between scientists and entrepreneurs which enables commercialisation/implementation of research results:

7 Knowledge Transfer Centres were established to provide services to entrepreneurs and to scientists from the Universities and research units. The Centres were establish in 7 areas to cover support in all the Malopolska smart specialisations: life science, chemistry, sustainable energy, electrical engineering and machine industry, information and communication technologies, production of metals, metal products and non-metallic mineral, creative and leisure industries. The centres offer free of charge: technological audits in companies, innovation brokering, information about external funding, help with grants for innovation procedures. Małopolska smart specialisations determine directions of the region's development. They support the collaboration of science and business which opens door for innovation.

Special events and projects in Małopolska

Innovative Safari - It is a series of meetings for entrepreneurs acting in a field of Smart Specialisations. It provides possibilities for reasearch centres to present their offer.

Małopolska Education Cloud - it is a regional project to involve students from high schools and introduce them to the world of science and innovations. It aims at keeping up with the transformations and offering modern education. It main task is to establish collaboration between universities and high schools in order to increase learners’ interests and encourage them to take up studies that are important for the development of the region. Over 130 schools are equipped in a very modern IT tools and have on-line seminars with different Universities on various subjects. Additionally, the best students from the whole region are coming to Cracow for 2 weeks camp to work with University teachers on scientific projects.

Malopolska Innovation Festival - a few-day feast of innovations and new technologies. It is a very popular event gathering many participants. There are workshops, exhibitions, real-time experiments.

More information about events and projects are available on the website:  and