ÉvoraTech - Technological Based Business Incubator, owned by the Évora Municipality, is managed by the Alentejo Regional Development Agency (ADRAL).

The Fablab ÉvoraTech – a good practice identified within the InnoBridge Project, is located in ÉvoraTech's facilities, and aims to offer the ideal conditions to foster the spirit of innovation and creativity, by providing access to tools for digital manufacturing.

This space consists of two rooms, the first called Fabric, equipped with milling machines, vinyl cutting machine and laser cutting machine. The second room, called IoT (Internet of Things), combines the areas of robotics and electronics with 3D printing. 

Fablab ÉvoraTech is available to receive entrepreneurs / companies, makers, the local community and all those who want to develop ideas, test new products and develop prototypes. 

Access to the space and its technologies works by appointment, however Wednesdays are the day open to the community, on which anyone interested can visit and test the solutions we have. 

ADRAL / ÉvoraTech, attentive to the needs that the current pandemic context originated, quickly tried to understand how it could help the community through its activities. Among several actions carried out by the Agency, the opportunity arose to use the laser cutting machine of its Fablab, for the production of acrylic and acetate sheet visors, visors made with an open-source model and shared by the community (the which should always happen in these situations), model that was based on the prototype of Dr. BioPhysics;

Since then, ADRAL / ÉvoraTech, in partnership with EboraeLaser and other companies / entities in the region, has made efforts to produce the largest possible number of visors, making them reach all those who need them. All of this has been possible thanks to these donations of materials and the most diverse support from companies and entities throughout the region, as well as the delivery and dedication of several professionals, who in parallel need to continue to develop their main activity in order to survive this difficult context, of which ADRAL professionals are no exception. 

Even so, it has been possible to DONATE a considerable amount of visors, having the notion that they will never be enough, because the need is extreme. 

On the other hand, ADRAL / ÉvoraTech has also developed, through models also made available by the community of makers, and will begin to replicate, through its 3D printers, accessibility pieces that allow people to handle everyday objects, such as door handles, ATMs, supermarket trolleys, door bells, etc.) with no contact of your fingers or hands on these objects.