Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or, in short, SWOT Analysis of the current state of clusters, innovative companies, Industry 4.0 and policies and support available (“SWOT Analysis”) was the main topic of the 1st Regional Stakeholders Workshop organized by SBA within the INNO INDUSTRY project. The workshop took place on 11 December 2019 in SBA premises with 19 participating stakeholders including representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (“SIEA”), Union of Slovak Clusters and several clusters and private companies.

Main topic of the workshop was the presentation and discussion on the draft SWOT Analysis and its findings in the 5 addressed areas: Strategies and Programmes, Support for companies, Support for clusters, Communication and interaction between key players and Activities of clusters towards their members/companies – all within the concerned topics of clusters and Industry 4.0. Interesting findings on the Slovak ecosystem produced by the SWOT analysis will be freely available for further reading as the finalized SWOT Analysis will be uploaded to the project website on Interreg Europe domain along with identified Slovak best practices.

Other topics addressed during the workshop included existing and prepared calls for support of clusters managed by the Ministry of Economy and the introduction of European Clusters Alliance.

Workshop was the 1st of 5 that will be realized during the project lifetime with the ambition to not only address INNO INDUSTRY project topics but also be a follow-up of SIEA’s best practice created during the ClusterFY project – Cluster Stakeholder Working Group (CSWG) with the primary aim to establish a regular platform for sharing information among clusters and some of Penta helix stakeholders.