On October 23, 2019, RDA Posavje organised the first regional workshop (out of five) for INNO INDUSTRY stakeholders. The goal of the regional workshop was to establish a contact with stakeholders active in the field of industrial development 4.0 in Slovenian companies, identify the needs of Slovenian companies for the development of the industry 4.0, and to establish communication between the economic sector and public authorities using clusters.

After the initial presentation of the project INNO INDUSTRY by the lead partner, the stakeholders developed a very productive discussion on the current state of industry 4.0 in Slovenia.

As it turned out, the workshop was very productive in two ways: the first one is that the stakeholders identified several good practices in the field, and the second one is the productive dialogue that developed between, usually the opposite poles, in connection to the steps that need to be taken regarding the development of the industry 4.0 in Slovenia.