Inno Provement kick-off meeting will be organized by the Hungarian Ministry of Finance, as lead partner, in Budapest on 24 October. 

The one day meeting will be a good opportunity for the 8 project partners to share the art of state of national/ regional policies focusing on Industry 4.0. In the afternoon, a public session will be organized for international and Hungarian stakeholders. During the event, keynote speeches will be held on the Hungarian I4.0 policies and roundtable discussions will be organized with the aim to introduce international and Hungarian stakeholders, organisations and also SMEs who have successfully implemented I4.0.

The kick-off meeting is followed by the Annual Conference on Competitiveness Operation Programmes on 25-26 October, where managing authorities, intermediary bodies and the European Commission share their experiences on the implementation of competitiveness OPs.

On the second day of the conference, on 26 October, the Inno Provement project will be introduced at the “Challenges of digitalisation in Competitiveness OPs” panel discussion.