The mutual learning activities of the INTHERWASTE project are continuing thanks to the organisation of bilateral meetings between the pilot cities. Among the cases presented and discussed during the project seminars, the last one planned for June 2018, the partners have selected the most suitable practices for their own environment. They are now in the process of holding bilateral meetings with the cities that developed the practices in order to discuss more concretely how to implement them on their own territories. These practices are coming from the partners themselves and from external guests who were invited to participate in the seminars. Subsequently to these bilateral meetings, feasibility studies will be conducted in each city to insure that it will be possible to implement the chosen practice.

The following bilateral meetings have already been planned and will take place in the next months:

  • The lead partner SADECO will be visiting IVAGO and ICOVA waste management companies in order to visit in situ the compactor containers both companies are implementing in Ghent (Belgium) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The practice from Ghent was presented during the third seminar in Ibiza (Spain) in November 2017.
  • The Municipality of Tallinn has chosen to visit Bergen (Norway) to study more in detail and then import the pneumatic system implemented in the city. The experience of Bergen was introduced during the 2nd thematic seminar 2 in Krakow (Poland) in June 2017.
  • The Municipality of Ibiza is planning its first bilateral meeting with the city of Córdoba in order to know in situ and into detail the waste rooms installed in the city, which were described during the 1st seminar in Porto. This visit will be organised in June 2018 on the occasion of the thematic seminar in Córdoba.
  • The Municipality of Krakow will hold its first bilateral meeting in Porto in July 2018 with the aim to import the underground containers practice that are in place in the Ribeira Heritage area and were presented during the 1st seminar.