The municipality of Tallinn is targeting two actions as part of its INTHERWASTE action plan. They are:

• Giving bulky waste a second life through repair and resale;

• Mobile clean points for hazardous waste.

In order to carry out the first action, Tallinn has prepared suitable rooms for bulky waste. Furthermore, reuse centres have been created in two Household Waste Recycling Centers (HWRCs) and are open to visitors. The solution is beneficial for both residents, who can thus purchase household items (e.g. furniture; books; etc.) for symbolic fees and for the organisers, because they manage to give a second life to objects in this manner. A third reuse centre will open in a new HWRC in Mustjõe in 2020.

In order to organise the second action — mobile clean point for hazardous waste, Tallinn has arranged for hazardous waste collection from citizens. Thus, two different trucks with a set schedule drive around the city to collect waste from residents. In 2019, there have been two collections: one in spring and one in autumn. The type of waste collected includes contaminated packages, electric bulbs, medications, batteries, electronics, paints, and solvents.

The city also has plans to set up mobile collection points in two districts to collect such waste throughout the year. For this, it is working to repurpose shipping containers, which can be relocated easily and will have on-site operators to guide visitors.