Project Events

Talking about public procurement in Navarra


Inspirations from the exchange of experience in life cycle public procurement to...

Type: Project

TLJ4# - LCA in public procurements + materials

25/05/2021 - 27/05/2021

Explore Slovenia and LCA in public procurement with the fourth TLJ of...

Type: Project

LCA4Regions stakeholders meeting


Discussing life cycle approaches in Lombardy

Type: Project

Discussing LCA in Satakunta (online)

12/05/2021 - 12/04/2021

How are LCA4Regions and Satakunta doing? Let’s find out! Several good practices...

Type: Project

Life cycle work continues in Slovenia


The third stakeholders group meeting in Slovenia is coming!

Type: Project

Presentation of the Technical Assistance in Lombardy


Lombardy Region’s Stakeholder group is going to meet new Lombardy Region’s...

Type: Project

3rd LCA4Regions Stakeholder Event in Lodzkie Region


Ecodesign - as a key factor in the life cycle analysis and environmental...

Type: Project

Milano Green Forum


A virtual fair to enrich one's environmental skills and discover green...

Type: Project

TLJ #3 - LCA for waste management and material flows

20/10/2020 - 22/10/2020

The third TLJ of LCA4regions will take you to Satakunta to discuss LCA for waste...

Type: Project

Third Stakeholder group meeting in Lombardy


Stakeholders, Lombardy Region policy maker and the LCARegions teams are going to...

Type: Project