Project Events

Final Conference in Brussels


Join the final event of LCA4Regions on 6 June in Brussels to discover the...

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LCAction for Lodzkie Region


Presentation of the results of the LCA4Regions project (Action Plan) and...

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LCA in the future of Satakunta


How LCA will be taken into account in Satakunta? How the food waste can be...

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LCA from policy planning to implementation


The LCA4Regions partners shared an overview of the first part of their adventure...

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TLJ#7 - Action Plans

16/03/2022 - 17/03/2022

CIMBAL hosted the 7th and final LCA4regions TLJ dedicated to the project...

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A Circular Perspective in the Region's Economy


Circular economy in companies, sustainable supply and value chains, Life Cycle...

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Discovering the situation in Satakunta, Finland


LCA4Regions and Satakunta? What have we learned from other regions? Let’s find...

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TLJ#6 - LCA for monitoring and evaluating policies

22/11/2021 - 24/11/2021

Region Lombardy hosted the 6th LCA4regions TLJ to discuss LCA for monitoring and...

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Training and capacity-building in LCA

28/09/2021 - 30/09/2021

The fifth Transnational Learning Journey took partners to the Lodzkie region and...

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Rail transport in Lodzkie region


Upcoming LCA4Regions stakeholder meeting in Lodzkie region to focus on railway

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