On February 24, 2022, the Lodzkie Region in Poland will organize the 5th LCA4Regions Stakeholder Event. The event will be held on-line and will bring together stakeholders of several circular projects implemented in the region under the main theme:  The circular perspective in the economy of the region 2022+.

It will be a one-day information event with the participation of regional stakeholders and industry specialists, experts from key institutions shaping pro-ecological policy and green innovations in circular economy.  Anyone interested in this subject can also register and take part in the meeting and ask questions to experts. The meeting will be conducted in Polish.

The event will be an opportunity to present the nearest perspectives (2022+) of planned activities and obtain grants in areas related to the circular economy (CE), related technologies, organizational, service and product innovations and synergistic methodologies such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint (CF).

Practical knowledge will be presented by experts and scientists from the Lodz University of Technology (TUL), Częstochowa University of Technology (PK) together with the team of the Horizontal Contact Point of the National Center for Research and Development.

It is also the knowledge gathered together as part of the LCA4Regions project, the aim of which is to identify the most pro-environmental areas of companies and their environment. The use of this knowledge will bring lots of  benefits. LCA and related methodologies also strengthen competitiveness and facilitate expansion into the markets of environmentally conscious B2B partners as well as discerning EU consumers.

The aim of the meeting is to show real opportunities offered by circular economy and the use of LCA included an overview of the most promising initiatives and EU projects related to regions and entities.


10:00 "Innovations in the field of the supply chain, as well as the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprint (CF) methodologies" - introduction to the issues and study case of a civil engineering / environmental engineering company - Prof. Andrzej Marcinkowski PhD Eng., Lodz University of Technology

10:30 Qualitative change plus identification of key success factors in the company's pro-environmental activity (closed circuit in the enterprise, sustainable supply and value chains, implementation of circular innovations, LCA in the industrial ecosystem) - Prof. Tomasz Nitkiewicz PhD. Eng., Częstochowa University of Technology

10:50 Presentation of the possibilities of implementing the circular economy (circular economy) processes through participation in the research and innovation program Horizon Europe and other EC initiatives and synergy programs. Systems and support centers for stakeholders and beneficiaries – Experts of National Center for Research and Development

11:40 Q&A session, discussion, summary