In this period of crisis, many certainties have fallen apart and there is a stronger need for change. LCA4Regions partners strongly believe that, right now more than ever, integrating life cycle thinking into regional decision-making is essential.
Last time that partners met in person was January 2020, Lithuania. We had no idea of what was expecting us while hugging each other for a group photo that now has immense value.
Still, we have not lost our enthusiasm and motivation and we have continued to work for what we believe in... A better regional management of natural resources through the use of life cycle tools and methods!
It is now time to share the results of this second semester… we are happy to announce that the second Transitional Learning Journey will take place in less than two weeks! It will be the 16, 17, and 18 June.
The main protagonist of this new voyage will be the region of Navarre (Spain), lead partner of the project; the focus this time will be on life cycle approach for resource-efficiency, one of our six pillars.
This time the agenda has a virtual touch! The first day of this three-days event will be open to the public. That means that everybody is invited to take part! You too! No matter if you are a regional authority, a company, civil society organisation or you are simply interested in life cycle thinking, the Government of Navarre and the other partners will welcome you and take you into our journey towards life cycle tools and methods resource-efficiency policies.

Come to discover our project! On 16 June there will be room to explore together the life cycle concept and its relation to resource-efficiency, to discover Navarre policy context, and to see  opportunities and challenges of LCA4Regions emerged from the regional analysis benchmark.
In these months we have added new pieces to the foundations of this project: we have deepened and completed our 7 regional analyses, collected regional good practices and refined our strategy for the future, strengthening the interregional cooperation that characterise our project.
Have a look at the full agenda of the Transnational Learning Journey… We have now plenty of good practice experiences on resource-efficiency ready to be exchanged between regions! The second day will indeed the occasion to learn about LCA good practices on resource efficiency and take inspiration from them for future regional action plans.
Finally, during the last day, we will take part in two virtual study visits in Navarre, two companies will explain how they work on resource efficiency, they will share their experience to contribute on policy changes, and how the use of LCA has helped them on decision making. One transforms and valorizes winemaking by-products and the other one uses olive trees to make quality products.
Finally we will conclude with a round table for peer-to-peer review on the good practices with the contribution of external experts.

Only the welcoming session is open!  Are you on board?  Make sure you register here or follow the live streaming of the event on Twitter!
But… stay tuned! The recording of these 2nd and 3rd sessions will be shared after the event.