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Online stakeholder event in Lithuania


Informing stakeholders about the progress made on the project and lessons...

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A new (virtual) adventure for LCA4Regions in Navarre


This online three-day event prompted an inspiring exchange of experiences ...

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Come to meet LCA4Regions!


The welcoming session of the three-day Transnational Learning Journey in Navarre...

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Lithuania, climate change and political indifference


The French writer André Gide said “Everything that has to be said has already...

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We’re selected for Interreg Project Slam contest


Out of 150 projects from different Interreg programmes all across Europe,...

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COVID-19: municipal waste management across Europe


COVID-19 not only has unprecedented impacts on our personal lives, but it also...

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Life cycle thinking in the times of coronavirus


Regions are at the frontline of the coronavirus crisis. Can LCA4Regions...

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New EU Circular Economy Action Plan unveiled


The European Commission adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan – one of the...

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Field visit to BIO2C in Navarre


Recovery: from theory to practice. Some good examples of LC approaches in waste...

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Brainstorming in Satakunta, Finland


Stakeholders gathered together for the second time to finalize regional...

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Life cycle toolbox: the expert’s eye (ep. 1)


Life cycle toolbox for regional development: episode 1. Learn more about life...

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Do you believe in the LC approach? Get on board!


Interested in improving environmental and resource-efficiency policies? Get on...

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