Since last summer, the LCA4regions partners have been busy implementing their Action Plan to bring transformation at local level. Where do they currently stand? Are there already some visible improvements?

Kaunas University of Technology (KUT) tells us more about the changes that started to appear in Lithuania following the LCA4Regions Action Plan Lithuania.

Can you summarize your Action Plan in one or two sentences?
The main idea of the action plan is to strengthen the awareness and implementation of Green public procurement in order to foster qualitative environmental performance.

What have you already implemented?
The actions implemented take the following directions: communication on ‘Green public procurement for awareness raising’, promotion among companies and institutions, and consultations for the use of the Life cycle tools.

Could you tell us more about the green public procurement procedure foreseen in the communication?
According to the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania ‘On setting and implementing green procurement objectives’, from 2023 on, public procurement in Lithuania must be "green". Such a goal set by the Government obliged procurement organizations to set environmental protection criteria for suppliers in procurement documents. The established environmental protection criteria may limit the opportunities for some suppliers and increase the opportunities for others to participate and win in procurement.

So, what measures should suppliers take to go green and meet mandatory minimum or potentially other environmental criteria for services, goods or works?
After the implementation of the communication on ‘Green public procurement for awareness raising’, the procuring agent determines the green procurement requirements in the preparation of technical specifications, determining supplier qualification requirements or qualification selection criteria, offers evaluation criteria, execution of the purchase contract conditions and/or other requirements for suppliers.

The project is finishing in a few months, do you already know if you will follow-up on the Action Plan? How?
In order to increase the competence of procurement executives and suppliers in the field of green procurement, ongoing projects are related to green public procurement, consultations are provided, etc.