The General Master Plan (GMP) of the City of Torino, its main planning instrument for land use and transformation issued in 1995, is undergoing a process of updating to tackle the changing conditions that the city is facing from an economic, social but also regulatory point of view. The goal of the City of Torino is to improve the standards of the revised GMP in terms of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency through regulations and incentives that might favour low carbon measures.

That is why, Torino decided to enlarge the scope of the MOLOC local stakeholders group and promote a series of public initiatives to inform citizens on the development of the GMP revision process and gather inputs from the local comunity.

The urban planning department of City of Torino, with the support of the Urban Center Metropolitano, thus organized 5 weekly public meetings called "I mercoledi del piano - the Masterplan's Wednesdays" to talk about 5 of the main strands emerged during the preliminary revision works:

  • Environment, green areas and land protection
  • Cultural heritage, landscape, culture and quality of urban space
  • Mobility, housing and services
  • Research, innovation, education and University
  • Business and Trade

The meetings were held in front of the City Hall in the open air to encourage citizens to listen and interact, and broadcasted by the local Radio Flash to reach a wider audience.

After a first introduction by Guido Montanari, the Vice Mayor in charge of urban planning, three Q&A sessions moderated by the Radio Flash anchorman were launched to encourage the debate. Each meeting was attented also by the Deputy Mayor in charge of the specific topic at stake.

More than 500 people attended the initiative, inclunding Policy makers, civil servants, local associations, students, journalists and private citizens. The reports, podcasts and photogallery of each meeting are available at