The Policy Learning Platform is offering you a trilogy of 30-minute webinars on workplace training and how it can help regions retain young talent and increase SME competitiveness.

Join us for the second webinar of our workplace training series on 19 March from 10:30 to 11:00 CET. 

What you can expect

You will have the opportunity to learn about two successful graduate work placement programmes and how regions, SMEs and young graduates have benefited from them.

Both programmes, Trainee Sør (Norway) and InterTradeIreland FUSION Programme (Northern-Ireland & Ireland), have been ongoing for nearly 20 years, last up to 18 months per participant, and have yielded clear benefits for all parties involved, with high talent attraction and retention rates. 

While there are similarities, the internal logic and set up of both programmes are rather different. Join our short webinar to find out how these highly successful work placement programmes have been set up and how you could replicate something similar in your region.


  • Isabelle-Louise Aabel from GCE Node, Norway will give a speech on talent attraction and retention through the regional trainee programme Trainee Sør (Femina)
  • Janet Toal, Acting Innovation Manager at InterTradeIreland will tell us more about their FUSION Programme (now known as Innovation Boost) and how a collaboration between SMEs, knowledge centres and graduates is beneficial to all parties.


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    Image credit: Picture by Bruno Bueno on Pexels