Over the past 4 years, Lower Austria and five other regional and local players and an advisory partner have been working together as part of the Next2Met Interreg Europe project, to implement policy solutions aimed at increasing the attractiveness for knowledge, opportunities and capital of territories located close to metropolitan areas.

Below, you will discover the challenges, solutions and results of Lower Austria in developing a common approach to tap the potential of IoT solutions and technologies in municipalities. 

An IoT Platform contains, stores and publishes the collected and connected information. This information can be used by public authorities to provide better information and services to their citizens. The public authorities can also offer certain (non-personal) data to companies or start-ups to develop new applications. 

A current Lower Austrian research project is developing use cases with municipalities and an IoT Platform demonstrator. 

Initial Challenge

Despite the economic potential, Lower Austrian companies are still little involved with IoT technologies. Public authorities (regional government, municipalities) own data and could benefit from IoT solutions, using this data for better services for their citizens or offering the data to companies to develop new business models. However, the authorities lack necessary competencies. Thus, a common approach is needed to tap the potential of IoT solutions and technologies in municipalities. 


Based on Barcelona Provincial Council's experience in the development and management of the "Smart Urban Platform", Lower Austria has set up a pilot project to elaborate concrete use cases with municipalities and develop/test a platform to store and manage data. 


Researchers have been working with 2 municipalities on the automated measurement and transmission of environmental data.

Monitoring and automatic reporting of:

  • Water supply
  • Groundwater level
  • Water quality 

3 further use cases are in preparation.

An IoT platform (based on the open source platform FIWARE) will be demonstrated.