The Resplus ticket gives passengers the possibility to combine different public transport means with the same ticket, making their long travels easier.
-Resplus is a ticket and cooperation connecting Sweden's public transport with more than 4,000 locations.
-The Resplus ticketing system offers combined tickets for all long-distance regional and local trains, trams, buses, etc., as well as the relevant planning information on timetables, travel options and traffic interruption (national travel planner, Resrobot, includes database with almost all public transport data throughout the country).
-Resplus is currently run by Samtrafiken i Sverige AB (Cooperative transport in Sweden Ltd.) company that has 30 owners (largest shareholding owned by SJ - the government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden) . Besides the 30 owners, additional carriers participate in the Resplus cooperative programme.

Resources needed

There is no documentation about the project but it was set up by at least 5 employees at SJ (early 1990s) to acquire more passengers and ensure that they could continue their journey with a pre-booked ticket with local buses or train services. When the project ended 1993 Samtrafiken AB was founded.

Evidence of success

-Open products provided by local public transport authorities are transformed to fit with a national journey planner that finds the best travel chain in one booking system. With the deregulation of the public transport industry, other train operators and long distance coaches joined the ticket collaboration.
-The sales through Resplus through the years: From zero combined journeys in 1992 to approximately 6 million journeys per annum.

Difficulties encountered

-In course of the deregulation one of the most difficult issues has been and still is to reach consensus amongst owners and partners.
-Today the digitalization sets new challenges to the collaboration as the owners and partners are at very differing levels and maturity in their own organizations.

Potential for learning or transfer

There are approx. 350 railway stations in Sweden, but with Resplus, the total number of available locations increased to more than 4,000 where passengers can go to/leave from. This strengthens the offer of long-distance train companies, as well as the network of public transport, convincing the traveller to return to public transport instead of choosing to travel by car.
Main institution
Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
January 1993
End Date


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