Gullogården elderly care for fragile and dependent people contributing to the development of social entrepreneurship
Elderly care in Sweden is mainly local responsibility and regulated through the Social Services Act (SoL ). Region Dalarna Action plan 2018-2020 support the development of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise in Dalarna. Gullogården is a Non Profit association with 12 employees and a board of 6 members. The board is fully responsible for the operation of the business. Mora municipality finances the business by agreement with the cooperative to carry out care. The property's fees and costs for the accommodation goes back to Mora municipality. The Cooperative saves money to the municipality and brings great societal benefits. The board is the volunteer-working women who put thousands of unpaid hours on this, creating growth in rural areas and strengthening social capital. The cooperative Gullogården's retirement home for fragile and dependent elderly people who have been involved in the development of social entrepreneurship for 26 years is a good practise that today could be an alternative opportunity, especially in rural areas where jobs are few and innovative methods are necessary.

Resources needed

Annual budget € 479596.74 52%
Labor costs: € 380662.24 42%
Purchase of materials and goods € 22876.46 3%
Other expensives € 30143.69 3%

Evidence of success

The added values bringing the elderly feeling safe and treated with dignity, the deviation reports, 26 years of successful cost-effective activity, life expectancy is on average 7 years longer, less fall accidents and pressure ulcer, healthy food cooked on site, the opportunity to have their partner at the accommodation, good cohesion among the staff, low staff turnover and staff sick leave as low as 2.5-3% indicates a high-quality retirement home

Difficulties encountered

Increased broadbandcapacity. There is a need of developing the website, the social media and promote the business.
Need of a better dialouge with the Mora municipality about the economy and the agreement

Potential for learning or transfer

The interest for Social entrepreneurship and social sustainability have increased significantly during recent years, so well in the "social sector" with public actors and civil society as among traditional entrepreneurs. To address the challenges required for the development of social enterprises, young entrepreneurs need to take part in cooperatives such as Gullogården and other cooperatives with many years of experience. By disseminating information about cooperative activities with long experience, the conditions for cross-fertilization are created so young entrepreneurs can take part in and are given the opportunity to create new innovative ideas that generate growth and new social enterprises. Region Dalarna and Gullogården would like to have exchange with other Cooperatives and similar institutions in other countries that work with social entrepreneurship. Gullogården take gladely receive visitors groups
Main institution
Region Dalarna
Norra Mellansverige,
Start Date
October 1993
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Nils Norman

Region Dalarna